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Council Director, Programme Director, Active Member at Cultural Hub.

Ukraine,Kyiv — Austria,Vienna

Julia Ovcharenko

Philologist, cultural project manager, over 10 years professional experience in NGOs programme management, ideation, strategic development, curatorial supervision, fundraising and financial management. 

Areas of research and competence: culturology, linguistics, social anthropology, contemporary art, literature and writing, architecture, design, urban studies, art in public spaces, community building, civic activism, intercultural communication, project management, philanthropy and foundations, effective systems, informal education, holistic personal development, creativity, integral theory. 

Co-founder and Concept Director, first Board Member at Dnipro Center for Contemporary Culture (2016-2021). Co-founder, Program Director and Project Manager at Kultura Medialna NGO (2013-2021). Co-founder, Program Director, Fundraiser at Construction Festival (Dnipro, 2014-2020).Methodologist, Program Curator, Analyst and Adviser of several informal education projects in urban studies, civic activism, cultural management (Urbanautica, Youth–Active–City, Kyiv Dialogue, Cultural Leadership Academy).

Author and supervisor of the Cultural Management educational program at Dnipro Art College. Project Curator and Manager at cross-cultural projects (Ukraine-European Union, especially Germany).

President, Programme Director, Active Member at Cultural Hub.


Demyan Om Dyakov Slavitskyi

Areas of research and competence: social anthropology, general psychology, political philosophy, ethics, aesthetics, philosophy of music, philosophy of sports, edutainment, creative economy, project management, inbound marketing, genetics of social behavior, improvisation phenomenon, polymathy, mastery, cross-cultural communication, dialogue practices, leisure practices, integral theory.

Methodist and co-author of several advanced training programs for professionals in project management, UX design, sports management, as well as co-author of programs in philosophy, world literature and social entrepreneurship for juniors.U Open University co-founder, principal. Junior Open University co-founder, mentor.

Since 2002, Demyan has initiated the creation of hundreds of teams, programs and projects in Ukraine. All these years have united the principle of improvisation as a measure of skill and mission Have the courage to be with your own Genius or just be Genius. He was often a patron of these projects or programs.

Demyan was a Jury Member and Mentor in the accelerators and hackathons by 1991, Garage48, Polish State Foundation, Ukrsibbank, Startup Crash Test, Startup Grind Dnipro, Seedstars World Competition, City Code Art Hackathon, WIX Hackathons, European Business Association Unlimit Ukraine.Co-founder, Advisory Board member at I Business Incubator.Speaker at iForum EdTech of the Future|Innovations with the topic “Marketing of educational business”.

TEDx Licence Holder, PechaKucha Nights Licence Holder, Startup Grind Dnipro Initiator and Patron, Startup Crash Test Licence Holder, TED Member since 2021.

Council Director, Senior Editor, Active Member at Cultural Hub.

Ukraine,Kyiv — Austria,Vienna

Anton Tsivatyi

Council Director, interim Editor-in-Chief, Active Member at Cultural Hub.


Maryna Korchaka

Independent journalist, editor, author of various types of texts with more than 10 years professional experience.

Has worked as the Editor-in-Chief at online media, and has experience in creating and producing specialized conferences for marketers and PR directors.

Also experienced in creating communication strategies while working with INSCIENCE NGO as a communications manager of Science Teens Platform – a platform for popularizing science among adolescents. 

Areas of research and competencies: creative industries (in particular marketing, advertising, PR, design), online media management, project management, copywriting, editing and proofreading, literature and writing, screenwriting and storytelling, event industry, music industry and music psychology, culturology, communications, creativity, human psychology, holistic personality development, non-formal education, innovations. 

Editor-in-Chief at – an online media about creative industries in Ukraine and worldwide (October 2019–June 2021)Journalist, Editor, Editor-in-Chief at Marketing Media Review ( (January 2017–August 2019)MMR Marathons Producer, specialized conferences for CMOs – Chief Marketing Officers, PRDs – PR Directors, CDOs – Chief Digital Officers and CINOs – Chief Innovation Officers (September 2018 – June 2019)X-Ray Marketing Awards Producer, Annual award for corporate CMOs and PRDs (September 2018–June 2019)Head of the journalism department at the Internet Marketing Studio (February 2015– December 2016)

Lead Designer, Active Member at Cultural Hub.

Ukraine,Kyiv — Israel,Haifa

Volodymyr Terekhov

Graphic and communication designer since 2000.Author of Ukrainian identity for TEDxCity2.0

Quoting:“I would like my professional activity to be part of a process that promotes spiritual development. For me, and for humanity as a whole.”

“I have the courage to use my own mind to ask important questions and find answers.”

Associate Member at Cultural Hub.
Director at Sitecore Ukraine.


Dmitro Vasilinenko

Former Board Member (2019-2021) at Cultural Hub NGO NPO.Patron, Co-founder at U Open University, Junior Open University [2017-2020].Member of Cultural Investors Club [2019-2020].
Project Manager of big and small projects. Financial executive with experience in financial management and budgeting, taxing, limited accounting.

His current responsibilities assume all aspects of driving the Ukraine office as a part of Sitecore Corporation to new achievements.

– UA Administration side of running company in Ukraine
– Creating strategy that will make Sitecore Ukraine a leader on local IT market
– Finance planning
– Resource planning, hiring initiatives, education 
– People management, in particular keeping employees satisfaction on high level and keeping solid team
– Building optimal organization structure by delegation to team leaders, working together with team leaders on composing aims and achieving the best results.
– Ensuring information flows between teams and different levels in the organization
– High-level project planning, common development process building, choosing right people and right assignments to get the best result, communicating to partners and offices towards common projects.

Specialties: Project ManagementAll aspects of company management

Associate Member at Cultural Hub.

Ukraine,Kyiv — Spain,Valencia

Yana Vladimirova

Junior Hic et Nunc project curator [2020]

Junior Open University curator [2018/19]

Creative Enterprise Ukraine | British Council Program Alumni [2020]

Former Board Member, Head of the Board (2019-2021) at Cultural Hub NGO NPODirector, community manager at I Cultural Business Hub [2018-2020]

Writer, essayist, traveller, educator, popular panel moderator. Associate Member at Cultural Hub.


Chris Keulemans

Born in Tunis, Chris Keulemans grew up in Baghdad, Iraq.He founded and ran three spaces for art and politics in Amsterdam. Now he’s happy to work outside of institutions.

For the European network of grassroots cultural centers Trans Europe Halles, he visits and coaches new spaces across Europe. He writes about cities, refugees, football, cinema, war and universal basic income.

He has been involved in numerous events at Framer Framed, often as a writer, host and moderator. Was one of the founders of the Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam, the previous location of Framer Framed, and fulfilled the role at the Tolhuistuin as Artistic Director until 2014. For his work he received the honorary pin of the city council. The city of Amsterdam praised him for his work for the city in recent years. For the next two years Keulemans will be appointed as the district-chroniquer of the Northern part of town.He also founded the literary bookshop Perdu in Amsterdam in 1984. Additionally, during the nineties he worked at De Balie, Centre for culture and politics in Amsterdam, first as a curator, then later as director.

He has published books, fiction and nonfiction, and has published numerous articles on art, social movements, migration, music, cinema and war for national newspapers. He has written essays for publications by Jonas Staal, Lidwien van de Ven, Anna Tilroe, Gert Urhahn, Fiona Tan and the exhibition The Unwanted Land (2009).He traveled extensively to study art after a crisis in cities such as Beirut, Jakarta, Algiers, Prishtina, Sarajevo, Tirana, New York, New Orleans and Ramallah, where he visited many talented artists.