Thoughts from Kyiv — 26 June

Thoughts from Kyiv — 26 June

Sitting with three of our kids and the dog in the hallway of our apartment in Kyiv - listening to an air raid siren is far from what I would call a "restful Sunday".

This morning's rocket hit about 4km from us. A father is dead. His wife and daughter are seriously wounded.

I'm trying to understand the Russians' motive. Why attack the capital again? The war in the east was eclipsed in the western media this week by the SCOTUS decision to overturn Roe v Wade. The Ukrainian Armed Forces retreated from Severodonetsk, and so some semblance of Kremlin success could have been spun to a domestic Russian audience. Why return the world's attention by firing on Kyiv?

The simple answer was voiced a week ago by Lavrov during his interview with the BBC; "I don't care what the West thinks of Russia!" That seems to be a true statement.

But western leaders still care what Putin thinks of the West. That is the only explanation one can find for the constant "don't provoke Putin" rhetoric emanating from western capitals: don't give the Ukrainians long-range HIMARS, don't give them F15's and F16's (notwithstanding their technological outdatedness), etc. Don't put NATO boots on the ground because "it would provoke Russia".

Well here's the truth: to provoke a response, the target needs to care what you think; Russia does not care what the West thinks. It seeks to destroy Ukraine and Ukrainians. And as long as it holds the West hostage to its (idle) threats, it will continue to threaten the world (idly) and destroy (locally).

Air raid warning is over. Not the last one tonight I suspect.

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