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One Morning, After a Fitful Sleep

One Morning, After a Fitful Sleep

October 10; 229th day of the war. This Monday in Ukraine started with yet another massive missile strike. 07:30 am: air raid alerts all over the continental area of Ukraine.

“this is no longer a child! no longer a child …”

Here, where they put a tank, at the end of the street, there lives a family. Their girl is 9 years old. The family fled from home in the nighttime, went into the field when there was already a lot of machinery here. Since Russian servicemen, when they occupied their yard, were looking at the girl and saying: “this is no longer a child!”

“…What They Do to Our People”

I am looking at the family photo: ordinary people who dreamed of living long and happy lives. An ordinary couple, ordinary human desires, an ordinary photo. It’s only that it’s…the last one.

“Trembling creature”

Ultimately, this war also testifies to this: the eternal Russian question “whether I am a trembling creature or whether I have the right” has been answered in a clear-cut manner.

A monkey with a bomb

Well, you know, it is not possible to turn the country backwards, to the past and, at the same time, to avoid its degradation.