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One Morning, After a Fitful Sleep

One Morning, After a Fitful Sleep

October 10; 229th day of the war. This Monday in Ukraine started with yet another massive missile strike. 07:30 am: air raid alerts all over the continental area of Ukraine.

“this is no longer a child! no longer a child …”

Here, where they put a tank, at the end of the street, there lives a family. Their girl is 9 years old. The family fled from home in the nighttime, went into the field when there was already a lot of machinery here. Since Russian servicemen, when they occupied their yard, were looking at the girl and saying: “this is no longer a child!”

“…What They Do to Our People”

I am looking at the family photo: ordinary people who dreamed of living long and happy lives. An ordinary couple, ordinary human desires, an ordinary photo. It’s only that it’s…the last one.

On the verge of madness

I was so much afraid of the war that I was petrified with the very thought of it. Recently, we have been hearing about the possible attack from all media, and I could not sleep in the nights. I was tormented with obsessive terrible thoughts, and a lot of awful pictures appeared in my mind.

“Trembling creature”

Ultimately, this war also testifies to this: the eternal Russian question “whether I am a trembling creature or whether I have the right” has been answered in a clear-cut manner.

A monkey with a bomb

Well, you know, it is not possible to turn the country backwards, to the past and, at the same time, to avoid its degradation.