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Don’t get me wrong

For people to trust you — you have to speak the same language with them. For people to trust you — you have to tell about your emotions, but not to be an “overly emotional interlocutor”, you have to meet the expectations of being a victim.

Tow Truck to Peaceful Life

Mykola looks at me more attentively, with some misunderstanding in his eyes. I’m sitting next to him with two kids, smiling.
“You mean you are coming here to visit someone or for temporary residence?” — he seems to be unable to believe that anyone can live in the capital of Ukraine with children now.

Kyiv. June 26, 2022

Coolly jumped onto the bed, pulled the blanket, and, biting my daughter’s leg, dragged her to the corridor. The dog’s hind legs were trembling separately from her front ones. Coolly led our entire family into the corridor and then went to the bathroom and lay down on the floor under the sink, quietly waiting until the airstrike warning was lifted.

Kyiv. March 28, 2022

Serhiyko is four years old. He lives with his grandma on the eighth floor. When the air raid siren goes off, Serhiyko runs downstairs knocking on every door and calling out cheerfully: “Ladies and gentlemen! Go down to the shelter! Quickly!”