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Kherson is Ukraine

They were killing people of culture for their unwillingness to cooperate. Thus, one of the numerous crimes still remains shocking: the chief conductor of Kherson Music and Drama Theatre Yuriy Kerpatenko was killed by Russian military men in his own house after he refused to cooperate with the invaders. Con-duc-tor!

​​It Is Scary But…

​​It Is Scary But…

My sister has a university friend, Ania. It means they have been friends for more than half of their lives. So, I consider Ania my friend, too.

Ukrainian history and literature lesson

Back in school, each of us experienced the watchful gaze of Taras Hryhorovych Shevchenko at least once. No matter whose portraits were hanging in Ukrainian classrooms, Shevchenko’s portrait was always given the place of honor in any school, gymnasium, or lyceum. He was like a timeless president of Ukrainian history and literature — elected for good.