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Light at the end of the war

Kyiv. It is night outdoors. It is absolutely dark in this yard. Two multi-storeyed buildings standing one after the other are not lit at all. Adults, children, elderly people with specific needs live in these buildings.

What stays with you

What stays with you

War separates you from what’s always been with you, what’s always been you. It leaves you alone with some scant remains of you. Because you are not you without the color of your walls.

Psychotherapy and Soviet Tanks

Psychotherapy and Soviet Tanks

When the first Russian missiles hit the airports in Ukraine in the small hours on the 24th of February, we all (and I am talking on behalf of my generation of Ukrainians) shared the same emotion.

Don’t get me wrong

For people to trust you — you have to speak the same language with them. For people to trust you — you have to tell about your emotions, but not to be an “overly emotional interlocutor”, you have to meet the expectations of being a victim.

Kyiv. March 26, 2022

Cafés, bakeries, and small farmer markets are open in Kyiv. I have a list of things the territorial defense forces need, and I can easily get all of them at a supermarket.

Thoughts from Kyiv — April 12, 2022

Russia’s children are dying in Ukraine. In large numbers. Needlessly. Dying. Right now. It is high time to understand a simple fact. For Russia, people don’t matter. Not even their own. I’m sorry Sting, but the Russians don’t love their children (too).