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Thoughts from Kyiv — April 12, 2022

Russia’s children are dying in Ukraine. In large numbers. Needlessly. Dying. Right now. It is high time to understand a simple fact. For Russia, people don’t matter. Not even their own. I’m sorry Sting, but the Russians don’t love their children (too).

Thoughts from Kyiv — March 23, 2022

Ukrainians are increasingly angered by the idiocy of liberal “experts” throughout the world who seek to exonerate the Russian people from guilt in this war, claiming that it is exclusively “the Putin regime” that is at fault. This is not just Putin’s war! Russia has invaded Ukraine, and without ordinary Russians this war would be impossible.

Thoughts from Kyiv — 22 March

If the rumors are true, then the Russian leader plans to celebrate “victory” in Ukraine as part of this year’s Victory Day celebrations. The only problem with this plan is that there is not going to be a victory in Ukraine.

Thoughts from Kyiv — March 21, 2022

What we are experiencing in Ukraine is a case study in massive and very abrupt social change. In addition to the unfathomable destruction and human suffering, there is something important going on here from the point of view of social science, which (I suggest) is indicative not only of the local phenomenon, but of our understanding of human society more broadly.

Thoughts from Kyiv — afternoon March 7, 2022

What the Russians (and I suspect many Western leaders) don’t understand is that any “peace agreement” will not end the war unless it is accepted not only by Ukraine’s political leadership, but also by its population. And that population is in no mood for compromise.

Thoughts from Kyiv — Afternoon Sunday March 6, 2022

Evil exists in pure form: in the motivations of a man who organizes the mass killing other human beings, the destruction of cities, hospitals, schools, homes. Pure Evil is identifiable, concentrated, powerful. However, Evil can also exist as a force that corrupts Good.