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Musicians Do Not Live Underground

Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, where are you, mom, where is Alina, where are you, mom, mom, mom! “Please answer, mom. Please,” I whispered, clutching the phone.

Fresh wounds on the white canvas

It was so hard to lose everything at once that my heart broke apart with pain. The sounds of explosions were coming from every direction, and I could not pull my thoughts together.

Front? Are you sure?

Front? Are you sure?

The word “front” in the dictionary of the Ukrainian language has got nine meanings. That is incredibly a lot, since when I normally work with texts and check specific words, they have several lexical meanings.

It is impossible to say “Goodbye!”

It is impossible to say “Goodbye!”

Having a separate place at a Ukrainian cemetery is considered to be a luxury today. To bury a person following the rites we had before the outbreak of the great war is mere luck.

One Morning, After a Fitful Sleep

One Morning, After a Fitful Sleep

October 10; 229th day of the war. This Monday in Ukraine started with yet another massive missile strike. 07:30 am: air raid alerts all over the continental area of Ukraine.

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