Hooray Mariupol!

I often recall this episode and relive it over and over again. I will remember it forever. Driving through the occupied Tokmak, we saw yellow-and-blue flags in the central square. The locals gathered for a rally. That scene made us cry with joy. We honked, and they all turned toward the road, toward us, and shouted, “Hooray Mariupol!” And all that among the orcs that stared at us, dumbfounded, as if they saw ghosts. Can you really call a town like that occupied? No way.

No matter how hard the invaders try to conquer our lands, a sincere Ukrainian soul will remain free and invincible! They know it — and they piss their pants.

Sorry for being rude. It’s only until the victorious end of the war for Ukraine — that is, only for a short while!

Slava Ukraini!

Author — Oksana Stomina, poet, writer

Translator — Hanna Leliv

Illustrator — Victoria Boyko

Editor — Maryna Korchaka

Program Directors — Julia Ovcharenko, Demyan Om




Summer is all about sunny weather, the sea, sweet cherries, and watermelons. At least, for me, a girl from Mariupol strolling with a shopping bag to Stryiskyi market in Lviv.