The unique thing about this marathon

What I can see in today’s media space: people are getting exhausted + used to the war.

I can also see repetition or monotony, but at the same time — systematic and thorough work! Memorable events need preparation and rest. You usually need to recharge afterward, too. So, I can see marathon runners. The goal is to reach the finish line at the fastest speed possible.

It means that we are running and distributing our efforts. The unique thing about this marathon is that we do not know the ultimate distance or the exact route. It’s more like orienteering, with terrain and weather conditions constantly changing.

What helps: support; willingness to understand others, run at one’s own pace, or walk if you cannot run.

What does not help: despair; arguments; intolerance; bosses instead of leaders.

What does a finish-line rope look like: defeating the enemy and staying human — and understanding that it was only the beginning of a way toward a wonderful life we have just won the opportunity to build!

Author: Anton Tsyvatiy, Ukrainian film director, script writer, since February 24, 2022 — Ukrainian volunteer and army officer

Translator: Hanna Leliv

Illustrator: Victoria Boyko

Content Editor: Maryna Korchaka

Program Directors: Julia Ovcharenko and Demyan Om Dyakiv Slavitski