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Alive. Love You

He was so eager to join the army. Finally, he got conscripted. We couldn’t get in touch with him for several days, I already began bracing ourselves to say goodbye to him. And then in the evening Valerik sent me a message: ‘Alive. Love you’.

Habit 2022: Surviving

Residents of Ukrainian cities, who, for almost a year now, have been living in the conditions of great war, constant shelling and daily disasters, do not wake up to an alarm clock. They are awakened by an app that loudly imitates a siren and warns: “Air raid alarm! Immediately follow to the nearest shelter!”

People with the Verb ‘To Live’

People with the Verb ‘To Live’

The presentation of People with Verbs, Kateryna Kalytko’s new poetry collection, in Kyiv gathers a large audience. People are filling up the chamber hall of Molodyy Theater.

It’s like we’re back in Baroque Chiaroscuro

It’s like we’re back in Baroque Chiaroscuro. Caravaggio, Rembrandt, van Honthorst, de La Tour. An era where light is rare, like revelation; where the starting point of existence and thinking is darkness, blindness, and the compression of space and time.

The Lakshmi Puja Question

“So, everything is destroyed there, in Ukraine? Is there anything functioning?” — he asked. Normally, I would respond differently, but, bearing in mind the visual representation of the war on Indian TV, I took a slower and a more determined approach.

Country as a Baby

Your country is your baby. You’ll never, ever leave it. You won’t abandon it for a minute.


Summer is all about sunny weather, the sea, sweet cherries, and watermelons. At least, for me, a girl from Mariupol strolling with a shopping bag to Stryiskyi market in Lviv.

Kyiv. March 27, 2022

After the Victory, someone will have to talk. It won’t be me. I don’t want to talk after the Victory, and I won’t be able to.