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Coffee with donation

Instead of a traditional photo with a book for coffee, morning coffee does not go side by side with reading for Ukrainians on Instagram. It goes with the jar. The jar reminds you that you may donate the cost of one more additional drink you have for the needs of the frontline.

“this is no longer a child! no longer a child …”

Here, where they put a tank, at the end of the street, there lives a family. Their girl is 9 years old. The family fled from home in the nighttime, went into the field when there was already a lot of machinery here. Since Russian servicemen, when they occupied their yard, were looking at the girl and saying: “this is no longer a child!”

On the threshold

War stands for great pain and losses. It affects everyone and does not leave any single trace of the former normal life, just the memories of the past. There are no winners in any way, just those defeated.

On the verge of madness

I was so much afraid of the war that I was petrified with the very thought of it. Recently, we have been hearing about the possible attack from all media, and I could not sleep in the nights. I was tormented with obsessive terrible thoughts, and a lot of awful pictures appeared in my mind.

Our life after the morning of February 24, 2022

Our life after the morning of February 24, 2022 was divided into before and after. While I was staying in Kyiv, I saw and heard the strikes. Some neighbours left on the very first day of the war, some stayed for some more weeks, some fled and left their pets with their neighbours.


I am looking at the moon in my imagination. Full moon — so nice, deeply round in complete darkness. In fact, I don’t remember the moon that was hanging above me that night. I don’t remember the stars.

Now I have come to understand…

– Olesia, wake up, quick, they have finally come!
– Wha-a-t, who has come, Marusia? — mumbled the girl with her eyes still closed as she was still somewhere in the unreachable dreams as if swaying on the tender waves that would not let her go.


There is no orthodoxy, politics, or monarchy in this world. All your life is predetermined by the number on your neck that everybody gets at the age of 16. Fate decides everything. There is only one law: People with numbers from 1 to 3 are “slaves”, those with numbers from 5 to 7 are the “most ordinary”, and those with numbers from 8 to 9 are the “chiefs”.