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When will you go away, you traitor?

The Ukrainian city of Kherson was under occupation for more than eight months. Having occupied the city in spite of the powerful civic resistance, on March 1 the Russian army shot 17 territorial defense soldiers from tanks.

Don’t get me wrong

For people to trust you — you have to speak the same language with them. For people to trust you — you have to tell about your emotions, but not to be an “overly emotional interlocutor”, you have to meet the expectations of being a victim.

A Portrait in Uniform

“Up to 700 thousand people have been mobilized for the Armed Forces,” Oleksiy Reznikov, Ukraine’s defense minister, reported.

Kyiv. March 28, 2022

Serhiyko is four years old. He lives with his grandma on the eighth floor. When the air raid siren goes off, Serhiyko runs downstairs knocking on every door and calling out cheerfully: “Ladies and gentlemen! Go down to the shelter! Quickly!”

vodka, sputnik, pogrom

There is some irony of fate in the fact that the great Russian culture the Western world had been admiring has now compressed to two statements in Russian that are popular in the West (known to millions of non-Russian-speaking people)